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Senior Software Engineer Interview Pune (India)

Round 1 1) What are extension methods? 2) What are

  reflections? (You can easily import namespace and import.) 3) Write a program to swipe 2 numbers without third variable. 4) A form with 2 buttons how to postback for both buttons? 5) If we have name property to both buttons what happens then? 6) Bind 2 models to a single view? 7) When we use a partial view? 8) Syntax for showing partial view? 9) Types of action filters? 10) Difference in MVC 2.0 and 4.0? 11) Why do you use WCF? 12) SQL query: Convert male to female and viceversa Round 2 1) Tell me about client interaction in ur project? 2) AngularJs MVC4 3) Roles and responsibility in project 4) Difference in MVC and angularJS 5) How do you call services in angular? 6) In MVC you get a model from webservice returned how do you do similar in angularjs? i.e assign values from service to model back? 7) What is service 8) Jquery How do you get 1 value back Table id table1 Id Name Salary 1 tom 100 2 pam 200 3 sam 300 9) Jquery Textbox1: Tom Textbox2: Hardy Submit On submit click display Hello Tom Hardy. 10) SQL Merge 11) Used defined function type

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