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-San Francisco, CA


Say DAU is increasing but MAU are decreasing (over 3 months period), how would you approach this problem and what data sets would you work with?

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Let's go over the definitions first: DAU - The measure used to find the number of *unique* daily users for the game. MAU - The measure used to find the number *unique* monthly users for the game. Since you're DAUs are going up, but you're MAU's are going down, it means that you're undergoing a large amount of churn. Essentially, lots of new people are using the app everyday, but they never come back on a month-to-month basis. Let's confine the notion of a "month" to just 3 days instead of 30. "Month 1" Day 1: 1M new people login Day 2: 1M new people login, 500k "Day 1" people login again Day 3: 1M new people login, 250k "Day 1" people login again, 500k "Day 2" people login again "Month 2" Day 1: 1.75M new people login, *nobody" from "Month 1" logs in Day 2: 250K new people login, 1.75M "Day 1" people login again Day 3: 500K new people login, 1.5M "Day 1" people login again, 250K "Day 2" people login again Already, we can see the trend occurring: Month 1 had consecutive DAUs of 1M, 1.5M, 1.75M users - and a MAU of 3M people Month 2 had consecutive DAUS of 1.75M, 2M, 2.25M - and a MAU of just 2.5M people. The game is doing much better in terms of 3-day retention despite decreasing exposure. However, when it comes to monthly retention, we're talking about 0% of users logging in the next month. You're going to have to first work entirely with retention data sets that show user session activity over the 3 month period. You're looking for retention within the month including anything from 3-day retention to 10-day retention and then figuring out when/why users are dropping off within the month. There are several factors that could lead a user to be heavily engaged for a few days and then drop the game. It could be that users are getting bored of content and are exhausting the game within a small time span. It could also mean that the game's difficulty curve is rising too steeply. Given the data we had above, you definitely know that people get "addicted" to the game for a few days and then drop off; this is very important in focusing your initial direction on what to fix. Once you know the suspects, then you can delve into more game-specific data sets such as the difficulty curve or amount of algorithmically generated content produced for users.

Alamgir Mand on


Just following up to my last answer above: This is just a bandage to cover up the declining MAU numbers just in case you need to meet a certain quota for your boss: You could battle decreasing MAUs by increasing the percentage of DAUs that are "new users" through increased marketing/paid installs. This way, you're not only increasing your DAUs, but you're also increasing MAUs. Be warned, however, that this isn't sustainable as you'll end up paying thousands of dollars buying installs/users that won't come back next month just to cover up a retention problem.

Alamgir Mand on


DAU is increasing, MAU is decreasing. * Main reason is Churn - Check your 'COHORTS'/Waterfall/Decay Analysis * Less 'Usage/engagement' * Sessions made per user gets down mostly because of the product user's using * Change/beautification in the product required * Retain with catchy Push notifications

Basavaraj Talikoti on


It's essential to demonstrate that you can really go deep... there are plenty of followup questions and (sometimes tangential) angles to explore. There's a lot of Product Management Intern experts who've worked at Zynga, who provide this sort of practice through mock interviews. There's a whole list of them curated on Prepfully.

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