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Quality Improvement Specialist Interview

Some people are resistant to new quality improvement

  efforts because of the perception of failure in the past. How do you get them interested in trying again?
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Physicians do not like to get a "B", which they see as a failing grade. If an improvement effort does not entirely cure the problem, it can be perceived as a total failure. All past improvement teams have at least one success, even if they do not recall it right away. Try to dig for past positive experiences as you work to gain trust on a personal level. Remind them of the "bad old days" before their past improvement effort. Remind them how that success is still be ing carried forward.

Interview Candidate on Jan 15, 2010

"Failure" is perhaps the best opportunity we have to learn, and those who are aware enough to take the lessons from a"failure" and teach us have priceless knowledge to offer us-- of what did not work. These are folks who have taken the risk, tried and failed, and have the potential to lead us in an improved way because of failure. I would get these folks interested by humbly asking them to be teachers to others of what they now know... no one but those who have tried and failed have that particular gift.

GAD on Jun 24, 2011

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