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Program Management Interview Stamford, CT

Started interview with: I'm not going to interview you for

  the role you applied for as earlier this week I am in a new role and we need a senior manager able to help the inexperienced PMs with providing guidance.

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Confused with initial statement introduced response with "there is no I in team, so whatever is needed, I am accustomed to wearing multiple hats, mentoring and providing guidance. Interviewer comments to Staffing firm was: Not chosen, didn't understand response of "No I in team" appeared not to get it.

Interview Candidate on Mar 4, 2014

I had a similar experience where the interviewer claimed my answer was confused and nonsensical when I know all of my answers were correct, succinct and to the point. I now believe this demonstrates a negative pattern that should be questioned.And I understood the point you were trying to make about treating your team with respect and working hard to get the job done. It was obvious.

Anonymous on Mar 10, 2014

Everyone should be aware that the PMO Director keeps a list of everyone that's interviewed, and if you are turned down they won't talk to you again even if it's 5 years later. As an Executive who has run a PMO, I find this shocking. People can change and grow a lot in 5 years, and Starwood is missing out. Perhaps this is why they are constantly looking for the same people over and over again. And that's usually the sign of a mismanaged and toxic work environment.

Anonymous on May 1, 2014

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