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Executive Development Program Interview(Student Candidate)

Suppose you are member 1 of a group. You are assigned part

  1 of the project while member 2 is responsible for part 2. But when it comes time to turn in your project part 2 is incomplete and member 2 tells your boss that you (member 1) were responsible for doing part 2, essentially saying that you did not do your work. How do you handle that? (Answer) And then, how would you repair the relationship between you and member 2 considering that this person is someone you will be working with extensively in the future? (Answer)

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The scenario questions really put you on the spot...

Response 1: I said that I would have hoped that I would be more responsible about making sure the work was complete ahead of time, but in this case I would tell my boss that I understood this assignment to be a group effort so we are both equally responsible.

Response 2: I said that I would politely confront member 2 and request that in the future we look out for the team's best intentions and work together as partners, instead of individuals.

Interview Candidate on Apr 13, 2010

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