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Take a grocery app - what would be the features you would


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I would ask some questions:
Is it a supermarket app, or just all groceries that exist?
Is it for a specific market? Like for a specific country?
Is it for a specific manufacture?
What is the purpose of the app?

Let's assume it is a national, general groceries app. I would have all the groceries in categories, allow customers to upload new groceries, allow customers to upload their receipt to always get the most up to date price.
I would to a comparison of prices, allow users to create a shopping cart and let them know where is cheapest to buy.
Potentially have all the labels uploaded to the app, so customers can know what the product is made of.
I would do categories, such as no sugar, no gluten, kids, etc.
Do a recipe section, and quick by all product button.

Liron on Apr 11, 2019

I would first try to clarify certain things with the interviewer, before answering the question:

a. What is the objective of the app? To drive more users or revenue?
b. Which markets we plan to launch the app? Are they developing or developed markets or mix of both?
c. Should the app be usable by blind people too?
d. Which groceries does the app sell? All groceries such as supermarket or certain groceries

Then I will try to identify the different customer segments of the app: grocery buyers, grocery suppliers, grocery delivery boys
Then try to identify the key needs of each user segment. (buyers, suppliers, delivery boys)

Assuming interviewer asks to suggest features only for the end consumer for now, so listing down a few ideas here
- Items categorised into different grocery categories (vegetables, grain, milk, bread, etc.)
- Ability to filter by brand, quantity, price. Sort by price, relevance (either based on what user past history or what similar users are buying)
- Shopping cart feature
- Subscription feature, where users can subscribe to daily/weekly/monthly groceries (very useful for working class people)
- We can also turn the app into a meta site, where if the user type or point the app towards any grocery item, it searches everywhere, and advise the best price available in their neighbourhood or online

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Lisa on Apr 18, 2019


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