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I’ve recently completed an interview for my dream job at a dream company. It went well (and received same feedback from HR afterwards), however I was just informed the position is placed on hold to ascertain their resources, etc. my interviewer was the head of the department. Would it be inappropriate for me to reach out to her on LinkedIn to let her know I would be interested in any future roles on her team?

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I’m interviewing for a role I’m very interested in (met with a recruiter, hiring manager, a manager and two directors). All interviews went well. My most recent interview was supposed to be the final one, but I received an email asking me to complete an additional one. Could this mean the interviews didn’t go as well as I thought? Can I ask the hiring manager if there was a specific reason why I’m being asked to complete another interview? Has this happened to you? Signed, -Nervous Nancy 🫠


Administrative Assistant

Gave two interviews recently and got a feedback that I wasn’t able to explain my role as effectively, because of which I won’t be able to transition as fast into a fast-paced environment. I have worked in one small firm and one small-mid firm, and I personally feel I am ready to take up more responsibilities and move to a bigger firm for more exposure. Not sure how else I can explain my roles effectively, even after walking them through everything, how am I supposed to utilise this feedback?

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