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-Stuarts Draft, VA


Tell us about a time you made a mistake at work and how did you recover?

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I don't have a work. But for me if i had a mistake of course i apologize to the manager,and ill make sure next time i will not do it again for any mistake i had.

Naome Lumhud on


I was a leader there for many doesn't matter what example you long as it is work related this is what they want to hear..(in whatever personal story you have)... You can demonstrate accountability by owning up to your mistakes......everybody makes them so it's important you can recognize and learn from them. Also that once you have owned up to it what you have done t fix it and learn from it so it doesn't continue.

Anonymous on


I didn't have an incident that you would call a mistake. However, I did have a work habit that needed revision. Often, I would take on too many tasks at one time rather than delegate them to others. This caused others to feel that I didn't have faith in their ability to perform the tasks.

Anonymous on

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