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The distance between LA and NY is 3,000 miles. A train

  leaves LA and heads for NY at 100 mph. At the same time a bird leaves LA and heads to NY traveling at 300 mph. When the bird reaches NY it will turn around and head back to the train. Upon reaching the train the bird will turn around and head back to NY. This will repeat continuously until both the bird and the train are in NY.

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This is the one that truly stumped me and I ended up wasting almost 75 minutes on.

Interview Candidate on Nov 14, 2011

I assume the question was to calculate the total distance traveled by the bird? which is equal to the time taken by the train to reach NY (3000 miles / 100mph = 30 hours). Bird distance = 30 hours X 300mph = 9000 miles

Sachin on Jan 16, 2012

What's the question? Was the question how many times they would meet each other?

Anonymous on Apr 1, 2013

That would be hard to calculate, given there's no wind speed factor. You can't determine the answer if you don't know how the air currents are flowing and can't measure resistance.

Additionally, delays may be met by the train.

Anonymous on Sep 27, 2015

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