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The employment position, as I was informed at the

  interview, was for a part-time position as a lab tech and grader (this was not noted in the job posting). I was looking for a full-time position as I wanted to close the 14 year old business that I presently owned. Due to the down economy, that was my reason for searching for alternative employment. I just knew in my heart that I wanted this job opportunity, but feared beyond hope that it had gone to someone else--besides, they didn't even really want my resume! On the 8th. day following the interview, I received a call from the Site Supervisor asking if I were interested in the position spoken about. I was excited and quite shocked at the same time at the offer. It honestly was not the full time position I had hoped for and the hourly rate was less than expected, but I wanted the job and the opportunity to work with this Site-Supervisor whom was so warm and personable. I started work the next week. Within 80 days, I was working full-time and learning every possible job Eurofins had available on-site. Within 8 months, I was asked if I would consider a Supervisory position. The most Unexpected Questions and Answers. 1st. were my question(s) to the Site-Supervisor...(Q)..How many people applied for the initial part-time position? (A)..150+ response calls as of the date of my interview (remember, that was within 3 days of the advertised job posting that I was called for the interview) and the response calls were still adding to the list. They shut down the recording after over 200 responses. (Q) I am completely astounded, out of all of these recorded responses and No Resume's to review, how did you decide to personally interview those that you did call? (A) The professional sound and way you left your phone recorded response to the job posting. (Q) Why did you not want to review my resume. (A) I still have not read your resume. It has been placed in your employee file unread. I needed to know if I could work with you and you with the rest of the employees on staff. You were the best candidate I spoke with out of all.

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I want to applaud the Site Supervisor who hired me. No computer program was used to weed out potential applicants. No professional or non-professional resume was used to eliminate potential applicants. The Site Supervisor sat down and listened to what an applicant said and the many questions asked and by that alone, made the hiring decision. I sincerely thank that Site Supervisor every day for the opportunity they gave me and the great people I had the experience to work with. All hired the very same way as I was.

You may be wondering why I am reporting Eurofins as a former employer. Eurofins was the on-site contractor to a large corporation that, also due to economic conditions, was forced to close in 2012. With that company closing, Eurofins no longer had a contract in the immediate 100 mile market area for it's employees to be obsorbed. Therefore, Eurofins' employees were permently laid-off. The Good News...I stay in touch with my former Eurofins' Regional Managers and have let them know the facility we worked at may possibly re-open in 2014. I and some of our local people are hoping to again call ourselves Eurofins' Employees....Thank you for leting me tell this story.

Interview Candidate on Sep 29, 2013

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