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IT Manager Interview Blue Ash, OH

The in person interview process is like a combination of

  CSI and this is your life. I have been out of school over 20 years and they started in High School and College. Then, they start going through jobs that you had, that were not even on your resume. Having you carefully walk through each one. What did you do? What did you like? What didn't you like? When did you fail? When did you succeed? What didn't you like about your boss? What would your boss say about you? Can we call your old boss? It went on like this for 4 hours, each time asking if they can call your old bosses, to see your reaction. Hoping to dig up some rotten corpse in your background, that will give them some idea of who you were 15 years ago, regardless of who you are now. Leads one to wonder if it is just as tedious to work there, and try to get anything accomplished. Complete and utter waste of time. Instead of trying to build trust and have an honest progression towards a possible offer, it instead turned into a life audit. Very unimpressed.

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