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CAD Engineer Interview Hillsboro, OR

The interview questions at Intel depend on the position you

  apply for. There are usually two types of questions: Questions based on your research, and coding/analytical questions. Frame automation engineer interview questions: Coding questions: Write bubble sort, BFS, DFS, algorithms Write a recursive function to find a prime number Analytical questions: C1. Given a coordinate, how would determine if a coordinate lies within a set of coordinate that form a polygon (the problem is harder than it sounds) C2. Given an NxN rubiks cube, write an equation to determine how many cubes are on the outside CAD engineer interview questions: Analytical Questions C3. How would you represent a set of polygons using a data structure - basically a layer in VLSI C4. Given a set of polygons, determine if the distance between them crosses a given lamda value (DRC related VLSI question) C5. Give an example of the hardest bug you encountered and what you learned after debugging it. C6. Given two sets of coordinates, for each coordinate in one set, determine the closet coordinate in the other set. (determine in nlogn complexity)

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C2. n (cube) - (n-2)(cube)

Interview Candidate on Oct 6, 2015

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