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The interview was already going sour. No formal greetings

 . Right into the process of talking about my resume. No problem with that. They questioned everything I said. It felt like an interrogation more than an interview. I contemplated getting up and leaving multiple times but figured I would man up and stick it out. I was asked what I wanted in a company. I mentioned room for growth. They questioned what I meant by "room for growth" within a company. Reasonable question. I mentioned promotions, recognition for work. I was then questioned with what I meant by "promotions." I did not know how to answer an answer that didn't need to be discussed further. They then asked what I knew about the company. I told them everything I knew. They were upset I didn't know more. Told me not to ask about what they do if all of it was available on the internet. They eventually told me I was wasting their time so I walked out. They never discussed what the position entailed or what the company does that I might have missed. Before I walked out, I was scolded and told they pay 90% of benefits, pay $15 an hour, and have a kitchen full of alcohol and food. That is all I ever learned.
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