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marcus evans

The most interesting question I was asked that I NEVER saw coming was "why do you feel people go on glass door and write review?" LOL. Now here I am

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My answer actually made me more comfortable digesting reviews as well as writing this one. I think my actual answer got very long winded and I wish I could do it again. I said something to the effect that "Most people go on to any site to post things that will hurt someone or something. That is just the world we live in. It is then up to the reader to take that all in and investigate for themselves. I am here because I saw negative posts but felt my over the phone conversation/experience was totally different then what I read but a lot of the posts I wouldn't know if they were true unless I came and interviewed the company. I actually came thinking I would be in and out but so far I am not seeing anything that I read." I was asked if that was all?!?!?!? Haha I think they ask this to know if I am affected by online negativity. I also think they wanted to see if I would also go online....... I did!

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They do that to see how you cope under pressure as the job is very tough but ultimately rewarding and those that can't hack it come whining on here and trash the company with lies and misinformation.

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They ask you that because they want to spin that only negative people post comments on Glassdoor. All the negative comments you read about Marcus Evans are true. Negative culture, bad leadership (lack of), and a sense that it is ok to lie to prospects and clients and employees.

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