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The questions that was asked by the hiring manager where

 : Tell me of a time where you had to collect information. Answer: At my previous job, we would get new items on certain months along with our regular menu. What I would do is collect information about these products and learn on how to sell it so I can use it for further use. How would you sell a product that you weren't sure about? Answer: I would ask another team member who has more information on the product and pay attention on how it is being sold to learn new information and make sure the customer question is being answered. How do you handle a customer who is complaining about the service? Answer: I would immediately apologize to the customer and assure them that they will be getting better service from me today. I will then continue to inform them that their products can be exchanged, returned, or fixed and provide the best possible solution to the customer. Tell me about a time where you accomplished a task without it going noticed. Answer: At my previous job, I would often be given a series of task of what to do during my shift. After finishing my daily task, I would do additional side work for other team members without being asked. How would you make sure a customer is satisfied when they walk in the store and walk out? Answer: I would give them a warm welcome and let them know I am here to provide any assistance they need or what to look for. I would also let them know if they need further help, they can ask me. After this, the hiring manager went to go get the store manager and he asked me questions: Tell me about yourself. Answer: I am an outgoing person who enjoys working with other team members to accomplish store goals and the three words that would describe me are service minded, passionate about learning, and work oriented. Why do you want to work here? Answer: I did allot of research on this company and what I found interesting and unique is that your company assist other customers finding the right type of tool through giving them clinical guidance on how to use it. This is the type of atmosphere that I strive for and I work best where my goals matches the companies goals. Tell me about your previous experience. Answer: I have over five years of experience working with customers and throughout my experience, I have developed great communication skills, handling conflicts, achieving tasks at a faster pace, and develop work values. Why did you leave your other job? I told them why I quitted my job. A good answer would be seeking better responsibility.

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Dress Business attire and look appropriate. Smiling always helps.

Interview Candidate on Aug 10, 2013

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