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Software Engineer-java Interview

The recruiter did an initial technical screening on the

  phone. The questions were multi choice type. He read the questions and then read the choices. There were about 10 questions. Pretty basic.A day later I was scheduled for the first round of phone interview which was an hour long technical assessment. The questions were simple. At the end of this interview I was asked to code a solution for a simple problem. There was a screen share so that the interviewer could look at my screen. A day later I got a call saying they'd want to schedule an on-site. I wasnot given the details as to how many rounds of interview to expect. I wasnot not even given a schedule that listed how long the individual interviews would go for. Was just told the interview would take 2-3 hours. A day before the interview I received an e-mail saying the interview time was pre-poned by like 2 hours. It was very unprofessional to inform me of pre-poning a day before. I had to take the day off at work. I had 2 rounds of interview on-site. For both the rounds there were 2 interviewers. The first round was just a resume walk through and a few behavioural questions. the second interview consisted of 2 parts 1. cognitive interview. 2. root cause analysis type. For the cognitive part, the interviewers would give you a question( like how many ice-creams are sold in US each year) and would want to see your approach for it. for the second part, they'd give you a problem and expect you to come up with the root cause for it.

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In general the interviews were not difficult. I think I did pretty well but not sure what are they looking for.

Interview Candidate on Jan 6, 2014

May be your answers did not match your resume description. May be the situations you explained for various questions did not meet their expectation/resume description. These are one of many reasons. Try to think thru the mistakes you would have done. That will help in future interviews. All the best

Anonymous on Jan 6, 2014

What questions they asked you in initial technical screening multi choice type assessment ? I have my interview tomorrow . If you remember , can you please share ?

AG on Mar 11, 2014

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