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Strategy Senior Analyst Interview Madrid (Spain)

There are three cans of candies; one with mint candies

 , another with lemon candies and a third with both lemon and mint candies. The cans are tagged with the type of candy there is inside but you know the tags are not placed on the correct cans. So the question is to find out which types of candies are inside each can with the minimum amount of attempts.
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If you know the cans necessarily not tagged with the right labels (i.e. all labels are in fact wrong), you follow the next steps:
1- Go to the one labelled as mixed. You know, by definition, that this one is NOT mixed. Try one (1) candy. You now know that the flavour you taste is the one fully occupying that jar. Let's say here, it is Mint.
2- Now you have one right tag (pure mint) one wrongly tagged (pure lemon) and one jar with no tags. You know that the one with the purely lemon tag is by definition NOT purely lemon. Thus, given that the jar cannot be purely mint (since it is the other one, already properly labelled), it can only be the mixed one.
3-The last one, which before step 1 was labelled as pure Mint is, thus, purely lemon.

Of course, the whole thing works if you find out, in an analogous way, that the jar initially labelled as mixed is actually composed by lemon candies.

Flávio on Jul 16, 2012

My answer would be, therefore,1

Flávio on Jul 16, 2012

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