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Apple Genius Interview San Francisco, CA

There is no sound coming out of the speakers. How do you

  troubleshoot the issue.
software, computer hardware

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I first answered to eliminate software issue. Then I broke it down from a hardware perspective.

Interview Candidate on Aug 30, 2011

This is more than likely a software issue, specifically a failed sound driver. An obvious sign would be the user noting the sound disappearing suddenly, such as between standby/hibernation states. Restarting the computer provides an opportunity for the OS to retry hooking the driver correctly. There's also the possibility that the sound driver preferences have been adjusted, so it would also serve well to ensure sound output is correctly set to the intended source, built-in audio.

If neither option works, I would attempt to rule out speaker damage. Plugging the computer to an outside sound source i.e. an Apple Display and/or headphones, enables me to determine if the Mac is output sound in general. If sound is present, then there appears to be some failure to link the internal speakers to the OS. In this event, a repair should then be scheduled.

Jon Paul on Apr 22, 2014

Does the device say headphone mode? If so try to use a Qtip and put it in the port where you would plug in the headphones, there may be some dirt in there and the Qtip will safely get it out and it should start working again, if not I would suggest to take it to an authorized apple center to have them further troubleshoot.

Anonymous on May 1, 2015

Check to see where the Bluetooth output is going, turn up volume, make sure phone is not on silent mode.

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2016

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