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Compliance Analyst Interview(Student Candidate)

There's three covered baskets of fruit labeled: apples

 , oranges, and mixed (apples and oranges). You know the labels are all incorrect. Relabel the baskets correctly by only reaching into one basket. Which basket did you reach into? And, how would you relabel based on the results?
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Reach into the basket marked "mixed" - you know that one is either apples or oranges because all baskets are mislabeld. Whatever fruit you pull out, that is the fruit in that basket, so label it correctly.

Since there are only two left, just switch the labels between the two. You know they are wrong and don't need to reach into them.

Andrew on Aug 13, 2011

Apples are 6 oz; Oranges are 10 oz. The heaviest bag are Oranges, the lightest bag are Apples, so the only one left is the mixed bag. No need to pull any fruits out. This is common sense, Oranges are always heavier.

Answer on Jul 10, 2015

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