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There was an HR personnel called me for the first-round

  phone interview. Without introducing herself, she came straight to the first question, which is pretty unprofessional, and the question is a little weird: do you like this company? and a few basic questions carried on asking me why I left my current company after only a few months (actually 8 months). I said I cannot drive from where I live to Arcadia (1.5 hours away in regular traffic) everyday. Then she just concluded that I'm not a loyal employee and this is not a good fit for me?! She also was not happy with my expected salary and she said that's not right in the market (where I've been in it for almost 10 years) in an uncomfortable tone to me. At this point, I already felt this is not the right place for me, no need to go further. Additionally, she did not seem pleased with my speaking because of my non-native English (I'm Chinese), even I've been doing just fine in several companies in my 10-year career. Fortunately, I now work for another firm with an even better compensation package (and fair in the market). It seems to me that mophie don't know clearly how much the right candidate worth, how to do a formal basic interview and respect the candidates, and have a lack of knowledge of the right price for jobs.

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