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There was not one particular question - it's the overall

  feel of the interview process. One must remember that Capital One and their employees have what some people would think of as "arrogance" in their approach to meeting new people. There is an air of suspicion and superiority that you must be able to rise above and not let it intimidate you. Capital One is no better or worse than any other company in the banking/credit card world in terms of their people skills, and I've worked for several of those companies. One thing that no one can overcome at Capital One is their age or race. Although Capital One does have older workers, the vast majority of Capital One employees are very young, i.e average age is probably somewhere around 35 years old and/or just minted college graduates. If you happen to be Indian, or a foreigner in general, that's even better!! If you are just graduating college and get a job at Capital One, you will be treated like royalty and be given the best opportunities at succeeding in the company. When I first started I was a bit envious of the training opportunities and "red carpet" treatment that newly minted college grads received compared to their average, middle aged co-workers. I've never felt so old in all my life!!

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