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Gate Agent Interview Atlanta, GA

They called me on the phone first and scheduled a phone

  interview with me. They called at the scheduled time from a 00 number and asked me about 3 questions. They were 1. in this job you will be surrounded by people all the time and they will be staring at you will this make you uncomfortable? how would this make you feel 2. how to do handle stressful situations? 3. tell me about a time that you had an angry customer and you were unable to solve the problem they were having what did you do? right after I answered the questions she congratulated me and invited me to a face to face interview. When I got to the face to face portion of my interview I was asked 1. Why do you want to work for Delta? 2. What can you bring to the company that is unique and sets you apart from all the other applicants? 3. Tell me about a time that you had a difficult customer to deal with and how you handled it and what you did 4. they gave me a scenario where there was a Jr. baseball team traveling to play against another team and wanted me to do a mock PA announcement introducing them and wishing them luck in their game 5. I was asked how I felt about working holidays, weekends, and past my scheduled shift times 6. I was asked if I was offered a position when could I start work and I said immediately but If you need time to quit another job just let them know I don't remember what else I was asked it has been a while but I hope this helps. I don't really think there are wrong answers (within reason) they are looking for your mindset and how you handle certain situations just look up the company mission statement and goal also look at their code of conduct and it should be clear what they are looking for. A person who enjoys serving others, a team player (this is a big one) excellent customer service skill positive attitude etc. also note that if you put down that you speak another language, you will be given a second interview in the language that you say that you speak so make sure you know more than a few phrases and that you can actually communicate in the language you say you speak, this may seem like a no brainer but many people fail this portion so be careful you don't want to embarrass yourself and be exposed as a liar. Once you are offered the job you will be given a packet full of papers on the company this will be given to you weeks before your training starts, and in the packet will be a list of city codes at the time I received mine there were about 219 city codes and you will be told to study these codes. This is very important if you do not pass the city code test during training you will be escorted out of the building and no longer considered for employment so take it seriously and memorize those city codes! there were people in my training class that were hired and made it all the way through the training class only to fail the city code exam and were fired before they even began.

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Hi question for you when did you apply for the gate agent position for Atlanta?

Anonymous on Oct 8, 2016

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