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They will ask you pretty basic technical questions. What is

  DNS? What is DHCP? What woudl you do if I was at the airport and spilled coffee on my laptop and needed it resolved ASAP? If I called and said my PC says "No connection" what troubleshooting steps would you take? What else? What else? What else? What else? (Your patience and character is tested by asking you over and over). What are your go to resources for troubleshooting?

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My advice is to JUST. STAY.COOL.

If you get interviewed by their top interviewer Ziad, he WILL try to intimidate you. He will be expressionless and stare blankly at you to the point you want to shrink into your seat and hide. He did not laugh at my jokes, I'm hilarious, making it even MORE awkward. They are not so much worried about you getting your answers correct, they are concerned with your ability to stay cool under pressure and maintain focus. It is to test your thought process and your problem solving skills more than anything. I left my interviewing feeling terrible about myself because I was unable to answer a couple questions and messed some up.. I usually interview pretty damn well but this was by far my WORST interview.. I went straight home (I had another interview scheduled immediately after) and went straight to sleep (It was also 1pm).

Never the less, I got a phone call an hour and a half later and was told "They were extremely impressed with your interview and would like to offer you the job!!" I WAS SHOCKED. Apparently it was due to my ability to maintain relaxed and cool even when I struggled to know the answer to a question. My ability to SEEM like I knew what I was doing is what got me the job. Obviously I was squirming to death on the inside but to Ziad I was just fine. Just be yourself! And make sure you stay calm and collected. Good luck.

Interview Candidate on Aug 29, 2017

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