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Unfortunately they didnot ask questions. I spent 3 hours in

  their premise hearing their opinions about their own company. Their employees have lots of opinion and it appeared they were trying to potray company negatively. It was a complete waste of time for me. Hiring manager kept talking about own manager and what challenges person is facing internally in that company. Hiring Manager even discussed what they discussed in their staff meeting that day (was it relevant?). I didnot get opportunity to brief my experience and person kept talking over me. Person spent almost 60 min briefing company, did sound like criticizing own company. Few comments were - very green company, no paper cups, they ask you to print on both sides of paper, no Blackberry, no laptop, no remote connection, company doesnot allow work from home etc etc. Well to me I am not sure if these were relevant for interview. Also is there anything wrong if company asks you to print on both sides? Does the interviewee care for paper cup? It would have been nice had they tried to understand my skill sets and experience a little better and asked questions around that instead discussing the fact that ther person was so used to carrying laptop in all past jobs and doesnot have one in this company. Hiring manager even mentioned that they have good life to work balance as company doesnot give blackberry. "When you don't have blackberry, you can't work at home" - there were exactly comments (person sounded very frustrated). I heard these talks for about an hour. Recruiter / HR and hiring manager were going back and forth to locate other three interviewers. Recruiter / HR had to finally make an announcement in the company using internal speakers as these three interviewers were not seen anywhere. Finally 2 out of 3 interviewers showed up. None of them asked me about my skill sets. One of the interviewers even mentioned that he/she didnot look at my resume due to lack of time. Third person who interviewed me advised that I should not consider this position as this company is not as good as my current company (the one I currently work at). The only advantage I will have is lesser commute. It did appear that they are not happy with their own company and didnot want to know anything about my skillsets. It was annoying and complete waste of time. Their HR / Recruiter was a nice person and professional who asked relevant questions about my skills, and other things related to job. I gave my candid feedback to HR / Recruiter. HR / recruiter did ask me about what was I asked during interview and who asked what questions. Unfortunately no questions were asked.

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I would nothave accepted had they extended it. Was not interested after above episode. I did follow up with Thank you note and HR to see where it goes. I was only curious. BBB has such lovely product lines and not sure they have right people to manage though considering above. its my opinion, not worried as its not my company.

Interview Candidate on Nov 21, 2012

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