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WRITTEN CASE: A major healthcare client has asked you to

  assess the possibility of outsourcing their desktop management capability to a near shore location. What steps would you take to conduct the assessment? What’s the general outline of your assessment and what type of information would each section include?

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**The only "ding" I got on the below written response was not highlighting/delving deeper into the importance of TIMELINE**

First, I would like to qualify the driving factors behind the client’s interest in pursuing such a change, i.e. what about the current state is not satisfactory. Ideally a meeting (or meetings) with key stakeholders will take place to elicit those motivating factors. Presumably the interest in nearshore outsourcing their desktop management revolves around the idea of cutting costs, although it may also involve improving the efficiency and security of their IT in general. I would obtain details from the client in terms of what their primary goals are; if it’s about costs, what is their current expenditure on desktop management, and what is their aim in reducing that expenditure (e.g. is it a percentage of a business unit’s budget, is it a strictly nominal value, etc.)? If their reasoning is based more on improving their desktop management in certain capacities, I would likewise have them detail their budgetary goals on this, but other important questions would revolve around KPIs and specific IT results they want to achieve through outsourcing. Additionally, a timeline should be established – is this an urgent undertaking, and if so, what are the key dates by which decisions need to be made?

My assessment would at least consist of the following:

I would summarize the business case and core objectives of the assessment based on those meetings with stakeholders.
Service Provider Comparisons
Using the client’s requirements, I would compare nearshore service providers in terms of comprehensive costs and the details of their services. Since this is in the healthcare space, careful consideration and due diligence must be made regarding the legal requirements and roadblocks that are involved with healthcare IT, especially when outsourcing IT activities to a foreign country where laws like HIPAA can be unfamiliar territory. A deeper dive into these nuances may be required depending on the client’s timeline. Furthermore, there will likely be trade-offs and compromises between different services providers, as well as with the client’s current system of desktop management. Therefore, key points based on a prioritized list will be compared and weighted to quantify the benefits of each alternative, including the status quo.
Key Considerations
There will undoubtedly be some key points to consider as the assessment unfolds, such as the legal and regulatory ramifications described above. There will also be a multitude of other points, such as differences in time zones between the service providers and the client, service level agreements, quality of service, etc. These should be given their own attention outside of the baseline requirements provided by the client.
A summary of the assessment would be necessary, with a condensed version of the detailed findings provided at a succinct, digestible level.
I would provide an ultimate recommendation to the client based on our understanding of their needs and the assessment that was conducted. They will likely have questions, concerns, and feedback, which I would be prepared to answer and provide additional information where warranted.

Interview Candidate on Nov 16, 2017

Was this a written case review (I.e., did you have time to prepare and organize and formally present a response)? Or was it an on-the-fly interview question?

Job Seeker on Nov 30, 2017

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