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Waht are the key intergration areas?

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I listed the obvious functional areas. Questioner appears to be looking for a much longer answer addressing particular interegation challenges and areas. My answer was obviously too short and general.

A succesful candidate need to be able to list off a very detailed plan and appoaches to various functional areas. This was hard for me since I am not a merger integration expert in all areas, even though I have done merger integration work.

Interview Candidate on Dec 16, 2010

I haven't had my interview yet, still at the phone stage. But, my answer would be a little different. I would ask what their strategy was. The announcement is really the last step. If they don't have a strategy, point person within both organizations, software, hr compatibilities you have issues. The very first thing necessary is to understand the culture, needs, plan and goals of the merger / alliance. This obviously leads to a very lengthy answer but to net it out, a fast look at articles about strategic alliances development would help alot.

candidate on Jan 15, 2011

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