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Assistant Store Manager Interview Yorktown Heights, NY

What are your weaknesses?


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Good luck with this one. No real great way to answer.

Interview Candidate on Mar 23, 2012

I would say something about you being such a detailed orientated person.

Interviewer on Oct 20, 2012

"I'm a perfectionist" which is true for myself, but wins points with interviews for being able to admit something and then say you're working on it and are learning to let things go more often.

Interviewee on Oct 29, 2012

Explain a weakness you converted into a strength. Use an example.

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2015

I tend to say yes too much and I get overly committed. For example I feel as If I cannot say no when I comes to helping out another coworker and covering shifts. This gave me extra time to work on any skills I was lacking. This weakness actually helped me build the skills I have today.

Julia on Jun 26, 2015

I have said in past interviews that some people may consider me quiet, but that I am an excellent listener and great with communicating on a business level

Anonymous on Oct 21, 2015

Ball pits

Anonymous on Aug 30, 2016

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