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What is a "matching network" really trying to match?


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Impedance to provide for maximum transmission of power.

Interview Candidate on Feb 3, 2010

It is trying to match both the real and reactive source or load impedance to the system Zo, usually. Doing so provides maximum gain, and in a purely linear system maximum power transfer

Matching networks may also be quite commonly used to match the system Zo (say 50 Ohms) to the load line of a non-linear device such as a power amplifier, or just as similarly to match tot he optimum noise impedance of an LNA. In these cases a perfect match is not desired, as maximum gain is not the goal, but rather maximum efficiency or lowest noise figure.

Burnout on Feb 15, 2010

You want the real parts to match and the reactive components to cancel if you want max power transfer

RF guy on Apr 9, 2013

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