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What is a policy that you have disagreed with in the past

  and why?

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While I am an individual that likes to follow protocol; and do believe why mess with the success of a company. I do, from time to time, do come upon areas in my past positions where things could have improved themselves. Because I am a person always wanting to improve and increase the success of people around me, there was one time where I did not agree with the policy laid down by a team of Child and Youth Workers. Their policy is to give children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder a time out for 20 minutes. While this may be necessary for most kids with this disorder, I did feel that with a particular child that this policy was not necessary and may in fact make the situation worse with more complex consequences. Had this child waited the 20 minutes in time out – within this time the Principal was about to call both of his parents and thus then suspend him for 2 days for taking off outside during math class. The Principal was also demanding an apology when the parents arrived. I disagreed, to myself, in giving the child the allotted time for I knew that I could get through to this kid, get him calmed down, apologize, before the parents would be called to come in. Within 5 minutes, all steps were taken by the child with my conversation of empathy and understanding while helping him understand the repercussions of taking too much time to reach the demands of the Principal. I do agree with having this policy in place for other kids but felt it did not work out appropriately for this kid in particular and this situation. I also understand that the policies of the team come first and any changes in policies must be done under different circumstances.

Bernadette Waugh on Nov 5, 2012

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