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What is the angle between hour hand and minute hand at 3.15?


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Lets deal with the hour hand first. In 60 minutes (1 hour) the hand travels 5 minutes on the clock face, so in 1 minute it travels 0.0833 minutes on the clock face (5/60). At 3'0clock the hour hand was exactly at 3. After 15 minutes it has moved 0.0833*15 = 1.25 minutes on the clock face. At 3.15 the minute hand is exactly at 3, so the difference between the hour and minute hand is 1.25 minutes. So now we just convert 1.25 minutes into degrees to get the angle between the two hands. We do that with the following logic - in 60 minutes the minute hand turns 360 degrees, so in 1 minute the hand turns 360/60 = 6 degrees, so in 1.25 minutes the hand turns 6*1.25 = 7.5 degrees. This is the angle between the two hands at 3.15

Sayan Ray on Apr 27, 2011


Some Candidate on Oct 27, 2012

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