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What is the square root of .01?

brain teaser

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.3167 - Just memorize it, it's very common.

Interview Candidate on May 15, 2009

I think you mean the sqrt of 0.1, not 0.01. The sqrt of 0.01 is 0.1.

Scott on May 19, 2009

Not to be a fuddy-duddy, but .3162 would be closer. (If you're going to take it to 4 decimals then you should use the closest 4th decimal.)

rhmayer on Jun 20, 2009

Answer: 0.1 assuming my 2 SCI calculators and my manual calculations are correct

1- 0.3167 is the square-root of 0.1 not 0.01
2- Don't tell you interviewer he is wrong. You want the job don't you?
3- You actually need to use a 5/4 round-off using the 5th place for a more accurate 4th ( I think that's what you meant to say)

Alanjai on Jul 25, 2009

0.01 is the same as 1/100 and if you take the square root of the top and bottom, you get 1/10 or 0.1.

Grace on Jan 18, 2010

The square root of 0.01 is neither 0.1 nor 0.3162. The square root of 0.01 is +0.1 AND -0.1 (Negative 0.1). The negative root is frequently overlooked.

Robert on Jan 18, 2010

Isn't it prime already? So its sq rt is 0.01. I'm so confused!

Robin Richardson on Jan 30, 2010

actually, square roots are always positive. the definition of a square root is that it's an absolute value.

i.e. sqrt of (-1)*(-1) = |-1| = 1

My real response to this topic though is that I dread such silliness in interviews. In my current position I was asked a stupid question in a 5-on-1 interview and basically said what I thought about the question but still got the job - so maybe that was the correct answer. Hope I don't ever find myself desperately needing a job and having to endure this silliness again.

bob on Feb 3, 2010

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