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What kitchen utensil would you be?


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The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer of Course

Bananas on Jan 12, 2013

A knife, because I like to get to the meat of the problem.

Alan on Jan 17, 2013

Chopsticks, they are the most versatile.

Jason on Jan 17, 2013

Don't fork with me.

El Forko on Jan 17, 2013

The spork. It's often not given enough credit. But you can figure out how to use it very quickly, and it is good in almost every situation.

Anonymous on Jan 17, 2013

a spatula, so I can pick things up and see the other side so I get a clear picture of what is going on

jlucyq on Jan 17, 2013

Electric oven. I start slowly and take a long time to get things done. Mess with me and you will get burned.

jwo on Jan 18, 2013

Food processor - I've got multiple tools to use for different situations, and can easily mix diverse ingredients into a synergistic result.

Ted N. on Jan 18, 2013

The Nylon Spatula: It's the most versatile utensil in your kitchen. I've got 3 of them in mine, because I never go a day without using it more than once, my dishwasher is broken, and In business my aim is to be the most valued and utilized member of a team. I'm not saying I mind coming in 2nd or 10th for that matter, it takes time to get to the top, but the drive to be number one, isn't something that should ever go away.

Michelle on Jan 20, 2013

metal spork

KS in NYC on Jan 23, 2013

Waiters wine key. It takes skill and finess to effortlessly use one for the professional intent it has been bestowed. People are more impressed when you know excatly how to use the instrument with flair and style. Presentation!

Stone Cold on Jan 25, 2013

a plate. just to keep the food....

john on Jan 29, 2013

As for being a kitchen utensil, I have always been described as a regular "Nut Cracker". Just get a firm grip, and squeeze them slowly until they POP.
Right Bill.............?

Hillary C. on Feb 11, 2013

A whisk.

Anon on Apr 21, 2013

can opener...i love tuna fish.

bobatlehigh on Jun 19, 2013

The Slap Chop. “Fettuccine, linguine, martini, bikini!” “Stop having a boring tuna.Stop having a boring life.” "You're gonna love my nuts!"

Mongo only pawn on Oct 3, 2013

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