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What's more important, fixing the customer's problem or creating a good customer experience?

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Creating a good customer experience

Anonymous on


And yes, to answer your question, Apple requires up to 2 chats at a time, which they say will be in separate windows, but in the interview process, they only have one window with which to test you on.

S on


Did they use hire right to conduct your background check and does anyone know if they do extensive background checks? I have a felony and I want to see if that will restrict my chances of getting the job.

Diva Diva on


One must remember the position being applied for to determine the correct answer. As an at home advisor, the customer is calling because they have a problem. Therefore by solving the customers problem in a professional and friendly manner, this leads to a great customer experience.

D on


That's exactly right. 2 chats is typically the max, and they appear in 2 separate windows. However, both are housed within an intuitive, streamlined application that makes handling concurrent chats extremely easy. I absolutely love my job here. Good luck, folks!

Anonymous on


Great info. Does Apple require you take more than 1 chat at a time? I noticed you mentioned a 2 chat simulation.

Anonymous on


creating a good customer experience bc to me in a good experience you satisfy all the customers needs and beyond and that include solving whatever issues may be occurring at the time.

cinn on


its neither. I would spend the time to perfect the product before it is released. I'd perfect it to the degree that there is no need for customer service nor fixing customer's problems.

Anonymous on

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