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Leasing Consultant Interview Reno, NV

What skills from your last position could you transfer to

  this position?

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painting drywalling, etc

Anonymous on Oct 19, 2017

I worked for Certe Property Management for over 3 years.
I started as a temp and within 2 months was promoted to leasing agent.
3 months later I was promoted to Manager of one of the largest properties in Sacramento. I took over the property which was in the red and within I had that property and 2 others that were managed by Certe in the black.
Robin Schmitt was my Regional manager.
I had every property at a 98% occupancy.
I then worked for Hank Fisher Properties as a Regional. Oversaw 8 properties from Monterey Bay to San Francisco Bay.
I then had a fall and broke my heels.
So, I had to take 6 months off.
And my eldest son Michael had severe health issues.
Sadly I lost him in January 2010.
Before he passed I was hired to Manage Capitol Towers in 2004.
I was offered $1800.,
To just show up for the interview.
I got the job and within 1st day I already had turned 3 apartments and my salary was $60k plus bonuses.
After a week on the property my son was hospitalized and I had to once again give notice of leave.
I stayed out of Property Management and focused on my son's as his caregiver.
I moved to Temple, Texas in January 2017.
I have been looking into getting back into Property Management working for a company that would be willing to give me an opportunity to prove I am very capable, and willing to work and learn .
I have always enjoyed Property Management and have excelled in all areas.
All I ask respectively is that you give me an opportunity to prove my abilities.
Carolyn Mccluhan

Anonymous on Nov 7, 2018

I started working as a temp for Certe' Property Management and was promoted within 2 months to a leasing agent. 3 months later I was promoted to Manager on one of the largest properties in Sacramento. I worked for Certe' for 3 years and then left to become a Regional Manager for Hank Fisher properties in Fair Oaks. I has properties from Monterey Bay area to San Francisco Bay.
I then had a fall ( at home an broke both my heels).
I had to take a 6 month leave. In the interim they had to replace me.
I eventually went back to work as a manager.
My last Manager position was at Capitol Towers downtown Sacramento.
My eldest son Michael had a severe illness and I had to resign .
I lost Michael in January 2010.
My last name was Hosner at the time of my employment with Certe' and Hank Fisher.
I remarried before I was hired as Manager to Capitol Towers.
My last name then changed to Mccluhan.
My Regional at Certe' was Robin Schmitt.
She noticed my work ethics and always was an inspiration and wonderful mentor to me.
My name when I worked for Certe ' was Carolyn Hosner.
Everyone addressed me by my nickname
CJ Hosner.
I applied earlier today for a Management position that you have in Nevada.

Anonymous on Nov 7, 2018

When I worked as a leasing agent for Certe ' I was shopped via a phone to score my skills and received a98%.
When shopped in person on my knowledge of my leasing skills in showing the model and the property and my abilities to close, I one again received a 98 % in my scores.
I am a quick learner and very personable.
I have excellent communication skills and I am excellent in my ability to listen and training.
I respectfully ask that you consider me and give me an opportunity to prove my abilities.
Thank you,
Carolyn Hosner- McCluhan

Anonymous on Nov 7, 2018

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