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Junior Field Engineer Interview

What was your best McGuyver moment?


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Be creative.

Interview Candidate on Aug 20, 2009

I once met 'MacGuyver' (Richard Anderson) in a coffee shop in Vancouver in ('85?). OK, met is not the right word; perhaps I should say, "...had a run-in with him, back in his out of control ego days..".
I was a construction foreman then. I walked into the coffee shop next to our site, sat at the counter, ordered, and picked up the newspaper on the counter (common practice there at that time).
The big-feathered-hair guy next to me sneers "...Do you MIND? That's MY paper....."
"Oh, sorry. I was just..."
"Why can't you people leave me alone. (blah blah blah rant rant).. Don't you know who I am? "

"Uhhh. an arrogant jerk who thinks the world revolves around him? I dunno, give me a hint Buddy. " ( I had not seen MacGuyver yet, so really didn't quite recognize him)

Former Vancouverite on Jan 13, 2010

This question is just a creative way to ask you how you solved a problem at work that required you to think outside the box, improvise or invent a solution that was not proposed by someone else. Proper preparation for this question is identifying a significant project where you had substantial impact on the success of the outcome, hopefully by identifying a solution on your own.

Tim on Jan 13, 2010

This question contains a dated cultural reference. You'd best explain up-front to 20-somethings who McGuyver [sic] is, lest you annoy the young whippersnapper sitting across from you. Also, if you wish to impress astute candidates, spell the friggin' character's name correctly.

Jeff in Boston on Jan 18, 2010

Have real MacGyver answer ready, but start out with a MacGruber answer like "Once I was in the control room of a deserted power plant..."

Out_but_not_down on Jan 25, 2010

How about spelling MacGyver correctly? You didnt even come close

shari on Feb 24, 2012

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