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Senior Software Engineer Interview Mountain View, CA

What will this program do ? ======== int main(void) { char

  *s = "123"; s[0] = 'a'; printf("%s", s); } ========

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It will print
if you are lucky.
Otherwise it will core dump since "123" is a constant (kept in the text area of your program I believe) and its contents should not be modified.

Interview Candidate on Mar 17, 2011

It will not crash because it is not a constant.

You can consider it as a pointer pointing to a modifiable 4-bytes char array.

antliu on Mar 23, 2011

"123" is not a modifiable 4-byte array. It IS a constant and should not be modified.

Try this out on different platforms and see what it does.

rumberobueno on Mar 23, 2011

C99 has a const qualifier to define constants.
It makes no claims about whether the mentioned array is a non-modifiable array.
If your platform crashes and burns on modifying the array then your platforms "c" implementation has an error.

coder on Jun 3, 2011

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