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Social Studies Teacher Interview

What would you do if a student had a 68% (70% is passing

 ) in your class?

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Give them an opportunity to come in and correct low performing assignments. If they come in, give them the points. If they don't, then don't give them the points. Pretty simple. A 69 is different, that could be the difference in a poorly-written test question between passing and failing. Bump up all 69s without question, 68 only if they prove they want to work and correct items.

JE on Feb 20, 2016

First, I would evaluate myself. Did I execute the lesson plan so that all students were able to comprehend and respond effectively. I think that some students are not good test takers but do understand the material. Review the material with the student and see if the mistakes were simply lack of attention to detail or does the student actually have a problem learning the subject.

I am not an advocate of "giving" or "bumping" grades. Students have to learn and appreciate earning the grade that they worked for even if that grade is a 68%, but there are variables that can be considered such as, was the student engaged? Did he/she complete all assignments on time? Was the student a distraction in the class? These variables will assist my decision on how to appropriately assist the student.

Harold on Jun 26, 2018

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