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AppleCare At Home Advisor- Partner Relations (Developer Support) Interview Denver, CO

What would you do if minutes before your shift your

  computer wouldn't turn on?

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Contact supervisor and advise that Mac is not working, check connections while waiting on feedback from customer.

Interview Candidate on Jan 6, 2016

Did you have a final interview with the hiring manager? Was it more technical based questions? Thanks!

anonymous on Jan 7, 2016

I haven't had it yet but once I do I will update you with the answer soon after. :)

Anonymous on Jan 7, 2016

Got the call for the 3rd interview. I had NONE of the questions that are usually listed for AHA. Like what are you strengths and weaknesses? What would you say the traits of a difficult customer are? How can you bring your current experience to the position you're applying for? After the 3rd interview (which was on a Friday) , I got the call ( on Tuesday) for an offer for the position pending a criminal/employee background check (which I'm not worried about) interview lasted about 30 minutes. There were questions obviously but the flow was more of a conversation. The job is very non-technical

Anonymous on Jan 12, 2016

What type of questions did they ask on the 3rd interview?

Anonymous on Jan 13, 2016

They asked me STAR questions, that I wasn't prepared for. I studied Q&A on this entire site and he didn't ask me not one of those questions. I was shocked, thrown off and didn't get the offer. I'll be better prepared next time, with recorder on and everything, lol

Anonymous on Jan 13, 2016

I didn't get any of the questions that people got either. The types of questions I got are in the above paragraph. Strengths, weaknesses, traits that o could bring to the company and behavior that I would bring to the position I'm applying for. I'm sorry you didn't get the offer. I was a nervous wreck throughout the entire ordeal thinking I didn't get it. Try again for regular at home. I saw some postings online dated for Jan 10 for Apple care . Best of luck to you.

Anonymous on Jan 13, 2016

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