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What would you do if you entered a patient room and found them unconscious.

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assuming this is an inpatient scenario and other staff are within communication distance; you’ve already checked for responsiveness, check carotid pulse & for ADEQUATE respiration, call a code and begin CPR.

Anonymous on


Following standard bedside emergnecy practice, first I would call a code immediately, then begin checking the patient’s breathing and circulation. When help arrives make sure to have adequate IV access and then follow directions from the physician.

Anonymous on


Stay with the client but call for help check the spo2 if low commence oxygen send for doctor check for other vital signs, check Blood sugar levels , when the doctor comes follow instructions and document all you have been doing.

Nwaziri francisca on


omg.. i hope u didnt say it like that.. didnt u take BLS? Circulation Airway Breathing.. for those of us who are hoping to learn some right answers on here.. C.A.B. jeez!

needjobasap on


Yell for help and get assistance, check for breathing, pulse, initiate appropriate emergency response.

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