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Security Officer - Site Supervisor Interview Chicago, IL

What would you do if you got a bomb threat at your site.

case scenario

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Didn't know what to say. My answer was apparently incorrect.

Interview Candidate on Aug 20, 2014

Since I have never been a security officer I would like to think I can make snap decisions like this when it occurs, I would safely and calmly tell one of my co workers what was going on and then call my supervisor and get this person here to be our leader , evacuate the building of all the people if able to do so, call the bomb people , the ATF is who I think this is , and start securing all doors and other places that are needed to be, stay calm and always be aware of my surroundings do what I will be told to do and be helpful when I was needed to be, do not cry or panic and if you can not handle any of this then I should not be in this field of work , and always be professional

Paula on Aug 22, 2014

Collect as much information as possible about the location of bomb, when it will detonate, how big, what type, etc. Then call 911 and disclose every bit of information about the bomb. Contact your immediate supervisor, their boss, the client and anyone else according to post orders. By that time bomb disposal should have arrived, and you will assist them in any way necessary to their efforts. Until such time as you have clearance, you should NEVER evacuate the building because the bomber could detonate the bomb if they so chose to. Once everything is said and done, a detailed report is to be written including, times, names, numbers, and any other information.

Anonymous on Oct 13, 2014

Pull my server and let him no

Anonymous on Nov 21, 2014

Gather all the informations from the caller ,call the 911, evcuate the facility campus.

Anonymous on Jul 14, 2015

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