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Assistant Store Manager Interview Columbus, OH

What would you do if you had an employee who refused to

  follow a new program?

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Suggest a time line in which they comply to the new program. If further refusal continues, ask for their resignation in writing.

Lithoguy on Aug 21, 2010

Asking for resignation is a breeding pit for disaster waiting to happen. You come off as being militant and incredibly authoritative (dictatorial).

However, this is a fairly common *objection* to new processes being implemented. At this point in becomes a discussion as to *why* there is a new procedure/policy/program. Sure they may not initially agree to it, but in time, if it is something that is indeed beneficial they will either comply, or find another job (and it won't be me forcing them to do so!)

Anon E. Mouse on Oct 5, 2012

At first, Ask Why refused to following the program? What is the barrier? and How can I support it? Then offer some directions about basic steps to start the program and schedule time to received feedback about the program adoption and offer coaching to sustain improve or sustain the positives outcomes.

Anonymous on Nov 16, 2018

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