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What would you do if you were stuck on a problem? How would you formulate the question to your co-workers?

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Stuck on a problem - First thing I would do is Google - honestly. Hope here is that someone would have faced a similar problem before and might have tried to solve it. Now for Googling as well, you would want to formulate the search query - pick the keywords and then search for the closest one which could be your answer and filter your search based on the kind of website link Google would take you to. For example => Stackoverflow - for reliable answers to technological questions. Then if that doesn't help after an hour of time on the search query - Figure out a way to formulate the question to co-workers by starting on the broad level topic - Hey have you done verification with blah blah? Then narrow down to the specific project and how solving that problem will be useful to give more context to the co-workers. Basically, use the funnel approach to lead to the problem and then formulate the original question to the issues faced.

Ankit Shah on

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