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Whether Mahatma Gandhi would have made a good software


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Yes, since he a) always spoke the truth b) could inspire and lead people towards a goal c) Had no ill-will towards anyone. d) Accepted his mistakes in public. e) Was very disciplined and hard-working.

Naras on Dec 29, 2011

if Ganghiji had interest in computers then nobody could've stopped him from being a successful software engg.....his patience, perseverance, hardwork, n being truthful would've been rly helpful 4 him as well as his employers

sheetal on Jan 7, 2012

No. The man never touched a computer in his life.

Paul on Jan 10, 2012

Yes, because he was a lawyer, so he had the ability to learn, the ability to retain and prove his knowledge academically (tests, bar exam) and practically (court, in dealings with the British). He was an innate problem solver, extremely persistent and good with people.

Art on Jan 10, 2012

Well, of course he would. He was Indian, after all :)

Shan on Jan 10, 2012

yes, but a much better train engineer

benny on Jan 10, 2012

I think so. Communication skills are more important than programming skills in regard to software engineering. Most project failures are due to an inadequate understanding of what is really wanted, or due to unrealistic schedules. Both of these can be resolved with excellent communication, and that was certainly one of his great strengths.

toadaly on Jan 10, 2012

Yes, if he had the skills. Engineering requires the ability to see the big picture and nobody saw the picture quite as big as Gandhi. Seeing the whole, as opposed to just the parts of the whole, enable the creation of better strategy in both designing workable programs and solutions. It also makes for the ability to see farther down the road and spot any problems that might arise.

ACB on Jan 10, 2012

Me: No, unfortunately he was a Lawyer, and circular logic never works well with software engineering and design.

Paul on Jan 10, 2012

No. He was an incredibly dedicated and hardworking individual so he could have been capable of doing the functions required if he so desired. However to be good at something I believe you need to want to be good at it. Based on what I know of Ghandi, I don't believe he would sacrifice his dream of a self-ruled India to write code any more than sacrificing it to have a successful law practice.

Mike on Jan 10, 2012

No, because if he believed that the software functionality needed to be fundamentally changed, then he would go on a hunger strike until he got his way. His job is to be a code-monkey plain and simple, not fashion the software to its highest and best use.

JC on Jan 10, 2012

Probably not, if talking about Software Engineer. BUT he would have been a good Project Manager:
1. He was layer, know how to convince the clients.
2. He lead from front.
3. Great communication skills

Mitesh S on Jan 10, 2012

No. There are two extremes :
a Using Try . . .Catch block of code is a very non-violent way for trapping errors. For projects based on Functionality, this option will not work.

Or b) excessive use of Try . . .Catch block because he wants to truly trap all the errors that the function can throw out. . .For projects based on Time and cost, this option will not work

HV on Jan 10, 2012

No, because he had not completed graduation in Soft. Engg. So, he couldn't be a software engg. He had interest in court and laws so be a barrister and he did it too.
He is a mass player and not a coder.

Saurabh on Jan 10, 2012

Even if he developed the abilities no body would be ready to employ him since most of the people believed he
a) always spoke the truth
b) Had no ill-will towards anyone.
c) Accepted his mistakes in public.
d) Was very disciplined and hard-working

lakshman on Jan 10, 2012

No. Not because he couldn't "technically" be one. IMHO, he was a man that, at his core, loved people and living. I don't think he could sit in front of a computer for long.

Before you start bashing me about programmer stereotypes, etc. I'm an IT person myself. This is just my opinion.

pugboy on Jan 10, 2012

Software is an Import/Export Oriented Business in many countries. If Gandhi ended up to be a Software Engineer then
1. All Software Import would be hampered with Gandhiji's Swadeshi Movement. He will preach people to disown all Non "Desi" software brand and embrace all "Desi" grown software.
2. All Software Export would be stalled with Gandhiji's Non-Cooperation Movement.

Abhijit on Jan 11, 2012


Anonymous on Jan 11, 2012

Of course Ghandi could, but he would need to do theoretical work, he would be bored with writing code. Ghandi could clearly have come up with cloud computing, open source software....

Dave, trying to get the Staples Job on Jan 11, 2012

I don't know, but I want to say probably no. He isn't skilled with computer, software concept, nor coding practice, etc. He is one the the greatest spiritual leader however, and I am sure he can be fitted into the company some where.

me on Jan 11, 2012

This question asks 3 questions at the same time.

1. qualities of a good sw engineer.
2. qualities of gandhiji.
3. making trade-offs between 1 and 2 to determine the answer.

Mitesh on Jan 12, 2012

off course yes because of his capability to remain calm though there are lot of errors going around ,great capability to move with various sections of this programmable society ,
 dedication ,
 can work for long hours continuously(even without food);
 his practical approach;
ability to be run well and easily on multiple human configurations(first SA and then INDIA),
Consistency--uniformity in notation, symbology, appearance, and terminology within itself.
Secure and reliable approaches for fighting against British

Ani on Jan 13, 2012

He would be just as good as Hitler.

Vlad on Jan 29, 2012

YES. Definitely.

One of the essential qualities of a successful Software Engineer is to TEAM UP.

TEAM UP FOR BEST RESULTS : Gandhiji was VERY GOOD in this aspect to keep his TEAM (ALL INDIANS) focus on the ULTIMATE GOAL, FREEDOM, although it took a very tough path.

Indian on Feb 29, 2012

I'd would have to point blank say, "I don't know enough about Ghandi's characteristics - He may have been a poor mathematician for all I know, which would be disastrous for any developer. I do know that an SE needs to have the following attitudes and aptitudes: x, y, z, and if he did possess them, then yes, he would make a good SE."

By the way, are you suggesting we outsource development to India?

Bee Kay on Mar 6, 2012

no....his intrst was only de law....he wnted to study law by his wil n nt by force.....n a persn achieves perfection nly by his will n desire.....

Anonymous on Jun 24, 2012

The skills for becoming a good software engineer are probably in greater supply than the singular political skills required to lead India to independence. Is writing brilliant software code more valuable to humanity than leading 100's of millions of people to self determination? Reflect candidly first on the premise of your question and then on your motivation in asking it.

Think about it on Aug 23, 2012

The skills for becoming a good software engineer are probably in greater supply than the singular political skills required to lead India to independence. Is writing brilliant software code more valuable to humanity than leading 100's of millions of people to self determination? Reflect candidly first on the premise of your question and then on your motivation in asking it.

Think about it on Aug 23, 2012

Yes, he had a logical application that others did not see, which proved successful :-).

Nick (the other one) on Jan 22, 2013

Yes, for sure he would like Bill Gates...He had all the skills needed to become a successful person in any field u name. He was a leader, disciplined, hard-working, down to earth, learn from his mistakes, and last but not the least ability to think and imagine from people's perspective taking into consideration their likes and dislikes which I think is mostly needed by a good SE as he tends to develop software which is user-friendly and make things simplier/error free - easy for comman man to use wto any external guidence and support.

Neha on Feb 28, 2013

Let's just say he found a much better way to spend his day than looking at pictures of LOLCats on the internet while waiting for his build to compile.

Herself on Apr 27, 2013

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