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Inside Sales Representative Interview Austin, TX

Which state of the union would you eliminate if you had to

  eliminate one, and why?

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Delaware, because it sucks. (This is an acceptable answer that will get you the job).

Interview Candidate on Aug 16, 2012

That is one of the most terrible interview questions I've ever heard! So manipulative and prying too - I can see why they'd ask it, but it doesn't stop it from being awful.

I guess they're trying to determine if you're logical vs emotional and also if you're politically radical. Also it's clearly meant to catch you off guard and potentially stress you out (which is why I hate it). They want to see if you'll just say in a knee-jerk way "California because they're a bunch of lazy kale eating hippies!" or if you'll say "if I were forced to, I'd see which state contributes the least to our GDP and try to also choose one that is as low population as possible". Or "Vermont, because they're low population, low GDP and have already expressed interest in leaving the union. Also being on the border, they could potentially join Canada."

I'd aim for the the more analytical side...and judge the hell out of the employer who asked the question and seriously reconsider my interest in them.

Full Time Job Hunter on Dec 28, 2014

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