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Best Buy

Why would you recommend Monster HDMI cables versus generic brand?

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Monster HDMI cables have higher quality components that reduce interference, meaning a sharper picture and better audio. Plus it will last longer.

Anonymous on


Yeah, monster cables are TOTAL ripoffs, but it's where bestbuy has their greatest overhead and may make much more profit selling a monster cable than they would selling a television or game console. I agree with Tom: very sad, but it's what they want to hear :P

James on


This is likely the answer they are looking for, but is mostly false. HDMI is digital signaling, so there is no degradation - if the signal makes it over the cable, it is in it's original and unblemished form. The quality of the cable carrying the signal makes no difference in this case. Analog cables are a different story. The only part of this statement that is true is that a higher quality product will, obviously, last longer than a lower quality one.

Jon on


Trust me, I know that. But in a job interview for a bottom-barrel SALES job, it's about the answer that will get a product into customers' hands, not the truth. Immoral, ridiculous, unfair, but true.

Tom on

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