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R&D Intern Interview Scottsdale, AZ

You are an employer and you need to pay your employees with

  gold. Each piece of gold is worth 7 units and you must pay your employee one unit every day. You can only cut each piece of gold once. How do you pay each employee?

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I would not cut it at all. I would give each "salaried" employee 2 pieces of gold every two weeks.

Paul on Aug 22, 2012

you have to cut it, there is only one piece of gold initially that is worth 7 units.

a friend on Aug 22, 2012

Each time you cut it would make different pieces meaning you can continue to cut previously split pieces.

Anonymous on Aug 25, 2015


the answer is, you pay the employees in gold, as the requirements states. on Jan 25, 2016

One piece if gold every 7 days. Paycheck comes every two weeks. Easy peasy

Lynne on Feb 13, 2016

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