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-San Francisco, CA


You are compiling a report for user content uploaded every month and notice a spike in uploads in October. In particular, a spike in picture uploads. What might you think is the cause of this, and how would you test it?

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We cannot say what has caused the spike since causal relationship cannot be established with observed data. But we can compare the averages of all the months by performing a hypothesis testing and rejecting the null hypothesis if the F1 score is significant.

Anonymous on


The photos are definitely Halloween pictures. Segment by country and date and check for a continual rise in photo uploads leading up to October 31st and a few days after for the lag. There's also a ton of these product questions like this on for data scientists

IQ on


Hypothesis: the photos are Halloween pictures. Test: look at upload trends in countries that do not observe Halloween as a sort of counter-factual analysis.

Anonymous on

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