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Field Engineer Interview(Student Candidate)

You are in charge of 20 people, organize them to figure out

  how many bicycles were sold in your area last year.

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First ask "Where is the Assistant Field Engineer?"

When they identify themselves, reply "Organize these 18 other people and figure out how many bicycles were sold in our area last year. I'll be in my office and looking forward to your report."

Logic on Jan 11, 2011

I'd get the team together, communicate what we're doing, how long we have, say how important it is we get it done in X time frame. Then sit down with them in an open forum to be sure everyone understands what consitutes "sold bikes" - bought, refurbished, and sold, bought but returned within the year not resold, etc. Lay out the geographical area, and distribute as evenly as possible. Plan out the area and milestones, review once in a while to be sure everyone is still on track, is following the plan, has any questions, who's falling behind. Have a communication plan to let the upper level people know the progress, issues, mitigation plans, etc. Have a small DR plan in case some members get sick or hurt.
Once all are determined, spread the final report to the team, be sure what I'll be communicating upwards is exactly what the team gathered and there are no inconsistencies. Report out to the upper level.

Logic, I LOVE IT! You forgot to add "working on my putting game." LOL.

Dave H on Jan 11, 2011

Logic, that was a great answer and depending on the interviewer, it may or may not go well with him / her. The questions sounds like they want to know how much importance the candidate attaches to teamwork, planning and delegation of responsibilities. One can expect a similar question with employers like BCG too :)

SS on Jan 12, 2011

If this "area" is my department, than I would just ask for the fiscal reports and sales reports from the last year. That would save time and you can lay-off the 19 people saving the company a lot of money.

If this area is your neighbor hood. Logic figured it out. Read his answer.

C W on May 26, 2013

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