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Associate Consultant Interview(Student Candidate) Dallas, TX

You are on the phone with the president of GE and he is

  losing $1M every hour now that the Microsoft product/service he bought is down. How will you handle the situation? It was role-play so I was supposed to speak/act as if I was currently on the phone.

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I tried to calm him down and promise him we have the best people on it and that I myself will be there in three hours.

Hard because theres a whole host of things i could have done. i could have talked to him about cutting his losses, about trying some stop-gap solutions, about the nature of the problem, about how we will make it up to him.... but i dont know what resources are at my disposal and what prior (if any) conversations have been had already.

I was lead to believe that initial conversations were done and the situation was clear to both parties. and now he just needed to be appeased... beats me! i dont know who he is or how people in that situation get appeased. im sure if I see/experience it once Ill learn it real quick

Interview Candidate on Dec 7, 2012

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