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Area Manager Interview Dallas, TX

You have 25 laborers for a shift. Pickers pick 100 units an

  hour Small item packers pack 150 units an hour Large item packers pack 25 units an hour You must pack 7500 small units during a ten hour shift. How would you staff your shift?

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10 Pickers 10,000 units/shift
5 Small Item Packers 7500 units/shift
10 Large Item Packers 2500 units/shift

This was the right answer, they have you explain it.

Interview Candidate on Sep 17, 2009

I must be thick because I don't understand your answer. You picked 3 options. What is the correct answer?

Ron on Apr 6, 2010

Ron, the goal is to balance out the shift while meeting the one demand (7500 small items packed). so you know you will need 5 small item packers. what to do with the other 20? The answer is correct. I just happen to have an area manager interview in Phoenix this thursday and now I know the question and answer

Shawn on Feb 1, 2011

You gave a single answer...
Right answer? sure.
Right response? no.

25 Workers (breaks up nicely with 5 laborer unit ratios):
A) 3:2 Pickers to Small Item Packers
B) 1:4 Pickers to Large Item Packers
C) 2:1:2 Pickers to Small item Packers to Pickers

5 Small item packers are required.

Any combination of A, B and C where the number of small item packers >= 5.
Candidate's response: 5*C (A valid answer only meeting the minimum demand for small items)

Why would the candidate's answer be better than 5*A?
15 Pickers 15,000 units/shift
10 Small item Packers 15,000 units/shift

Why would the candidate's answer be better than 2*A + 3*C?
12 Pickers 12,000 units/shift
7 Small item Packers 10,500 units/shift
6 Large item Packers 1,500 units/shift

Why would the candidate's answer be better than 3*A + 2*B?
11 Pickers 11,000 units/shift
6 Small item Packers 9,000 units/shift
8 Large item Packers 2,000 units/shift

^--If they asked for a single solution, I'd argue this one would be better since you buffered the small item output.

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2011

Why wouldn't you use the following variation as it maximizes the potential for daily output

4*A +1*B
result would be
13 Pickers 13,000 Units/shift
8 Small Item Packers 12,000 Units/Shift
4 Large Item Packers 1,000 Units/Shift

Just a question....

Additional Question on May 31, 2011

Maximizing your daily output is not necessarily the way to go. You have customers waiting for orders and if you work on mostly smalls, the amount of large units in your backlog will be high. So while your numbers look good, you may not being getting orders out to customers timley. This question would make more sense if it said how many units have been ordered of small and large items so you can be sure to get through the orders in a FIFO basis.

Amy on Jun 26, 2012

The question states that 75% of items go to the small packers and 25% to the large packers, that is the reason the interviewed candidates answer is correct. simple algebra.

Anonymous on Jun 6, 2013

8 picker 8x 100 =800 per hour
5 small packer 5 x150= 750 per hour.

Anonymous on Jul 25, 2015

25 laborers for shift. Picker are packing 125 units of large items. Small item are packing 175 units. Each laborer does 12 units each producing 300 units. The 300 units produce by the 25 laborers
Will produce 7500.

Horace on Aug 6, 2015

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